We’re Launching the Next 20 Years of Classroom Crowdfunding

In 1998, we had a simple and innovative idea: give classrooms a way to fundraise for the school supplies they need. From the beginning we relied on new technology to further our mission, making us one of the first crowdfunding sites ever.

The upcoming 2017-2018 school year will mark 20 years of AdoptAClassroom.org.

A lot has changed since 1998, but a few things have not. Too many students still come to school without the tools they need to learn. Teachers are still spending a lot of their own money on school supplies. Donors and businesses still believe that the best way to improve learning in the classroom is through the teacher. And we at AdoptAClassroom.org still believe in technology as a way to build a bridge between classrooms and their supporters.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of new classroom pages for teachers!

These brand-new classroom pages will make it easier for teachers to tell their story in unique and compelling ways. They’ll also make it easier for donors to find and fund classrooms from their mobile phones or tablets. For the AdoptAClassroom.org team, they’ll provide a more modern, more powerful system that will make it easier for us to serve thousands of classrooms each year.

You may notice that we are taking occasional breaks for maintenance.

As an organization that serves thousands of classrooms and donors a year with help from dozens of vendors, our system is quite complicated! As we prepare for our new classroom pages, we will need to pause the shopping experience or possibly other sections of the website to ensure everything is ready for you. Don’t worry, the shopping page will be back up and running within a few days so you can purchase the items you need for your classroom.

We appreciate your patience as we work to provide you the best experience possible.

So how will teachers move to their new classroom pages?

If you’re a teacher, there’s nothing you need to do right now. We’ll reach out to each teacher on our platform directly when we’re ready to upgrade their classroom pages.

If you’re a donor and want to stay up to date, make sure to join our mailing list to hear the latest about the changes that are coming to AdoptAClassroom.org.

We hope you’ll continue to be part of our community, both during this transition and in the 20 years to come!