Win Tablets When You Participate in March Supply Madness!

Spring is in the air, bringing with it vacation dreams, beautiful flowers…and a complete shortage of basic classroom supplies. The tissues and eraser caps you bought at the beginning of the year (or maybe received from generous parents) are long gone. Dry erase markers are dry, scissors have walked off, and your students are sharpening pencils shorter than your pinkie.

The end of the school year is in sight, but you can’t get there without paper and hand sanitizer. We’re hopeful that donors on will help you through this home stretch. But we also thought we’d pitch in, and have a little fun while we’re at it!

If you’re not too confident about your NCAA bracket (or if you didn’t even bother to make one), we have a competition that might be more your style. We’ve designed March Supply Madness to determine which school supply is the classroom’s most valuable player.

Starting on Monday (March 20), we’ll put school supplies head-to-head on Facebook. Your votes will qualify you to win a set of TEN TABLETS from Best Buy, plus $50 worth of the winning supply! Vote every round to increase your chances of winning.

May the best item win!

**Updated Bracket as of 3/23

Want to do more to resupply your classroom this spring? Make sure you’re registered on, and check out our Teacher Backpack for tips to make your fundraising efforts more successful.