Teachers’ Lounge: March Madness Edition

Win 10 Tablets and $50 worth of our “Supply MVP”


If you’re not too confident about your NCAA bracket (or if you didn’t even bother to make one), we have a competition that might be more your style. We’ve designed March Supply Madness to determine which school supply is the classroom’s most valuable player.

Starting on Monday (March 20), we’ll put school supplies head-to-head on Facebook. Your votes will qualify you to win a set of TEN TABLETS from Best Buy, plus $50 worth of the winning supply! Vote every round to increase your chances of winning.

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This First-Year Teacher Uses STEM to Engage English-Language Learners


Learn more about how a fellow teacher uses STEM activities with her English Language Learners (ELL) who recently moved to the United States from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.

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What Does $50 Buy?


“Some folks may say, “What can $50.00 buy?” Well if you spend your donation at Kaplan’s like we did, it brought us 2 boxes of needed art supplies: 2 hole-punchers, glue, 3 packs of TAGBOARD, crayons and markers. My primary students had fun creating paper mosaic decorations.” -Joanne

Answer This Question on Facebook for a Chance to Win $25


“What are some fun ways to teach social and emotional skills to primary age students?” -Tara

Answer Tara’s question on the Facebook post for a chance to win $25 for your classroom.