Thank a Donor With Handmade Letters Like This Classroom!

Want to show your appreciation for an awesome donor? supporters love receiving handmade thank-yous and quality photos from the classrooms they fund!

We understand that teachers are super busy, but even simple thank-you letters let your donor know how grateful your classroom is for their support. You can even get your students involved and make it a fun writing exercise.

Thank you, BIC!

Third-grade teacher Suzy Gehring received pencils as part of BIC’s Fight For Your Write mission. Her students responded by writing some thoughtful thank-you letters to BIC using the pencils they donated. Gehring added a fun touch by attaching photos of her students to each of their letters.

Here’s a few photos and letters from their classroom to inspire your students:

If you’d like to thank a donor, send us your letters and photos and we’ll make sure the donor receives them! Send your thank-yous, along with a page telling us your name and the name of the donor you’d like to thank, to:
Teacher Thank-You Letters
110 N 5th Street
8th Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Check out another set of great thank-you letters made by an registered teacher and her students here.