Kohl’s Adopts Thousands of Teachers Asking for Help

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Kohl’s showed teachers some love by making sure every active K-12 classroom received an adoption this school year. Kohl’s gave a generous donation of $1,000,000 during their 2016 back-to-school campaign to help teachers with AdoptAClassroom.org!

With Kohl’s support, more than 10,000 teachers will be empowered to provide supplies for their students this year without having to use money from their own pockets. Thousands of teachers have already been adopted as a part of Kohl’s donation. The remaining teachers will receive donations this spring from the Highest-Needs Classroom Fund, one of the many AdoptAClassroom.org Spotlight Funds.

Supporting Title 1 Schools

Kohl’s awarded $150,000 to sponsor the Highest-Needs Classroom Fund, supporting teachers at Title 1 schools who need classroom supplies the most. At AdoptAClassroom.org, we believe teachers know best what they need. For that reason, teachers who apply for the grants may ask for the amount they would like and decide how they would like to use them for the greatest impact. Using these funds, teachers can do anything from equipping their classroom with basic supplies to executing an innovative lesson plan or project.

20161219_140636Sixth-grade math teacher Nathan Kennedy received $600 last year from the Highest-Needs Classroom Fund. Many of his 120 students come to class without the basic school supplies they need to be successful. To ensure his students have what they need, he uses donations from the fund and individual donors to purchase supplies that many take for granted.

With his AdoptAClassroom.org funds, Kennedy stocked his empty classroom with basic materials like pencils, markers, pencil cap and dry erase board erasers, rubber bands, storage baskets, and an electronic pencil sharpener. Teachers like Kennedy rely on the Highest-Needs Classroom Fund to provide for their students.

Thousands in Need

To date, more than 216,000 teachers have logged-on to AdoptAClassroom.org to ask donors to lend a helping hand. With the support of partners like Kohl’s and donors like you, we can ensure that teachers won’t have to stock their classrooms alone. 

Donate to the Highest-Needs Classroom Fund on AdoptAClassroom.org to support classrooms that are in desperate need of supplies. 

About Our Sponsor

To find out more about Kohl’s community giving, visit Kohls.com/cares.