Highest-Needs Classroom Fund: Title 1 Teachers Apply Today!

**March 16, 2017: The application for this round of classroom adoptions closed March 15, 2017. Please click here to register your classroom and receive updates on funding opportunities.**

If you teach at a Title 1 school and are in need of classroom supplies and materials, you may be eligible to receive funds thanks to Kohl’s!

During their 2016 back-to-school campaign, Kohl’s donated $1,000,000 to help teachers with AdoptAClassroom.org. To better support the classrooms who need it most, $150,000 will support the Highest-Needs Classroom Fund.

The grants range from $250 to $5,000. At AdoptAClassroom.org, we believe teachers know best what they need for their classroom and students to succeed. For that reason, when you apply for the Highest-Needs Classroom Fund we let you tell us how much funding you need to meet your specific needs. You are free to request funds for anything from providing basic essentials to funding innovative projects. Just make sure to be specific on what you plan to purchase if you were to receive your requested amount and how the fund would positively impact your classroom.

Before applying, please double-check that your school currently participates in the Title 1 School-Wide Program. You can use this website to check that your school has Title 1 status: https://nces.ed.gov/ccd/schoolsearch/index.asp

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for a grant, submit the application found here by the March 15, 2017, deadline. Here are a few tips on how to submit a great application:

Send Quality Photos

_MG_5418Applications should have two to three high-quality photos of your classroom or students. Show us your classroom in action, such as students working on an assignment or playing with classroom materials. Believe it or not, teacher selfies are also encouraged as long as we can see your face well.

Avoid sending photos with your students’ faces fully visible (see the example to the left). We may share your photos on our blog, with donors, or on social media and we cannot use photos where students’ faces are visible without having written parent approval.

Check Your Grammar

We know as a teacher you pride yourself on strong writing skills and proper grammar. However, we know you are busy so please make sure to double-check your application. If you have spelling or grammar errors, it will decrease your likelihood of receiving funds. Students are expected to check their grammar and spelling, so here’s your chance to show them why it matters.

Tell Us Your Story

We want to hear about your classroom and what makes it unique! Describe what separates your room or your students from the average classroom environment. Also, be sure to explain why your classroom needs funds. Many teachers registered on AdoptAClassroom.org are in need of a donation, so be clear about your reasons for needing this grant and how the funds will benefit your students.

Title 1 teachers can apply for the Highest-Needs Classroom Fund here. Make sure to apply by March 15, 2017!

About Our Sponsor

To find out more about Kohl’s community giving, visit Kohls.com/cares.