Propane Council and Surprise Schools With $15,000 in Donations

In September, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) partnered with to surprise adopt teachers at Lemmon Valley Elementary School in Reno, Nevada and J.B. Passmore Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas.


Former teacher Jenna Bush Hager joined’s Executive Director Ann Ness in presenting PERC’s $10,000 donation to J.B. Passmore Elementary School teachers. Each teacher received $200 to purchase the supplies their classrooms need.

Bush Hager toured the school during the event, and had the opportunity to meet with many of J.B. Passmore’s students and teachers.


“I knew the second I walked into Passmore that this was an incredible school,” said Bush Hager.

PERC presented Lemmon Valley Elementary School with a $5,000 donation, distributing over $100 to each teacher through Stephanie Rank teaches 1st grade at Lemmon Valley Elementary, and if it wasn’t for this donation she would have had to use her own money for materials like printer ink and batteries.20160928_gjp_013

“For once I was able to get the supplies I need, which can be expensive over time, without it coming from my own personal budget,” said Rank.

Rank believes it’s important for teachers to be empowered to choose what materials they purchase for their classroom, because they pay close attention to what their students need. There are many supplies that teachers often need for their classroom, like batteries, that the average person wouldn’t think of as important materials.

“Teachers know as professionals what their students need to be successful,” said Rank. “It was nice to have the supplies I chose available on”

Visit Stephanie Rank’s classroom page here.

20160928_gjp_007Lemmon Valley and J.B. Passmore Elementary were chosen by PERC for their use of propane-fueled buses to transport many of their students. would like to thank PERC and Bush Hager! With their help, over 90 classrooms will start the new school year on the right foot.



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