The Teachers’ Lounge: How do you keep your most accomplished students engaged?

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This month’s question generated a lot of great conversation on Facebook:

“How do you keep your most accomplished students engaged?”

1.) Encourage collaboration


“I allow for a lot of small group discussion before students share with the whole class. My high level students get to be the leaders and help their peers with their answers.” – Angela

“I use them as discussion starters. They answer the main question and we stem from their question into smaller questions. This helps them stay on task and this is also great for my lower level students.” – Dawn

2.) Let the accomplished students teach


“I’ve let my kids be the teacher for the day and I step in and correct anything that is not correct. My kids love it.”-Robert

3.) Create extra projects for students for when they finish early


“Use project based learning for those advanced students during independent work time. Students who need extra help can be pulled into small group work while the advanced students work on a tiered project.”-Amy

“Accomplished students have an “I’m done now what chart”.” – Lisa

4.) Have the students create assignments for the class


“They are engaged in mastery assignments such as creating test questions, tutoring, previewing upcoming texts and lessons for input, and so forth.” – Aim

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