Pets of

As an online organization, sometimes we wonder if everyone out there thinks robots run We wanted to let you know that we’re real people, with real pets who run our lives. They’re sassy, goofy, and sometimes they define us just a little too well.  

Tolkie (Melissa, Program Manager)
Well now that you woke me up, I guess I will tell you a little about meow-self. I am perfect and please don’t stop telling me that. I am a cat with a lot of fur and even more sass. I can do anything dogs can do, but better. I know this because I learned how to fetch.

Rex (Jaea, Program Coordinator)
Hi! I am Rex Amos Vanguard! I’M A PUPPY AND EVERYTHING IS EXCITING!! I am so excited to be on this blog! I love warm cuddles, and playing fetch, which I am really really good at!  I am training to be more obedient right now and I’ve been getting lots of treats so I think I am doing it! Oh! I almost forgot! I am going on my first hunt this fall. Wish me luck!

Tabby (Ann, Chief Operating Officer)
I am Tabby, and I live with (rule-over) George the golden doodle, Poplar the black lab, and Shadow the black cat. We live in Minnesota and just love it. The dogs think they get special treatment, but while they’re out canoeing and hiking I conquer the dog house.

BeeMO (Shelby, Social Media Strategist)
I’m BeeMO. Shelby takes me to the park so I can splash in the river and roll in the sand. I’m supposed to have fun, but sometimes I get a little caught up in the existential crisis of life, you know? People call me a diva, but really I’m just dragged-down by philosophic–LOOK A SQUIRREL!

Wizard, Nellie, Lucy & Stella (Carolyn, Executive Vice President)
We’re Carolyn’s grand-dogs, and we love snuggling, napping, swimming, and chasing rabbits. Our parents think we’re pretty great, and we agree. We can do anything, Wizard and Nellie even hiked up Aspen Ajax Mountain!

Buffy (Elena, Intern)
I am Buffy, Intern Elena’s 6-week-old half Netherland dwarf bunny. I love hay, lettuce, and raspberries, but my favorite treats are textbooks, which makes my human really happy. Some days, I love to lay on my human’s chest and cuddle, but other days I love to run laps around the room and see how much important stuff I can knock down. You have to keep these humans on their paws!

Buddy (Devon, Communications Associate)
I like to sleep and eat pizza, just like Devon. But somehow, I have to wear this dumb cone and he’s not in trouble at all!

Whisky (Travis, Graphic Designer)
Truly, there is no better feline companion than I: the Grand and Beautiful Empress of All, Whisky, the first and the Last. If given great praise and admiration, I contribute to my loyal and obedient humans with blessings of lint and small broken objects. Thankfully, my beloved voice can be heard through all corners of my apartment to alert the humans of my three important feast times. All hail the Calico Queen and the Earth I have created for you!