April Featured Projects

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Figure It Out!

Barbara Fiaccone’s Classroom
Sky Ranch Es
Oklahoma City, OK

Pencil, paper and your own “gray matter” are what counts!

Barbara’s school serves a predominantly low-income neighborhood. Supplies are in very short supply and their budget was recently cut. Anything extra that she needs for her students and classroom will come from her own pocket. Her students need the very basics: composition books, spiral notebooks to be used as interactive notebooks which makes math come ALIVE, and 2 pocket folders to be used for their own calculations for their Think Through Math computer work.

Every ‘LittleBits’ Count in Engineering

Tracie Kania’s Classroom
Smith Middle School
Troy, MI

Student engineers use ‘LittleBits’ electronic kits to design and discover.

Scientists in Tracie’s classroom want to identify as engineers. ‘LittleBits’ electronic kits will allow for students to do just that by using the engineering process to design, build, and test inventions left to the imagination.

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Getting Techy in the Resource Room

Kim Staton’s Classroom
Thornwilde Elementary
Hebron, KY

We would like to use an IPAD mini to enhance SDI in the Resource Room.

Students come to the resource room for intense interventions so that they can learn to read, write and compute as well as their peers. Students get excited about reading, writing and math centers that are equiped with todays technology. Kim is raising money for a classroom IPAD mini. Your donation will benefit students with special needs and help them achieve their goals and dreams.

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