Fundraising is Instrumental in Bringing Supplies to this Music Room

Music teacher Kyle Manley understands the important role supplies play in the classroom. His Band, Orchestra, and Guitar classes rely heavily on classroom materials, as students couldn’t learn to play instruments properly without them.

Kyle teaches middle school students at the Crosswinds East Metro Arts and Science School in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Almost half of the school’s population qualifies for free or reduced meals, and many of the students are unable to bring supplies from home. Kyle spends his own money to make sure his classroom is stocked with materials. By supporting his students with supplies, he has helped create a spirited learning environment in his classroom.

“My students are energetic and exciting. They’re a handful, but they’re great to have,” said Kyle. “That energy, when it’s channeled into the music, makes for great things to happen.”

The school supplies students with instruments, but Kyle purchases the instruments he uses to teach. “The instruments I play on, I own. So, my trumpet, my trombone, my guitar, my flute, and clarinet I own. I don’t use a school instrument,” said Kyle. “If I use a school instrument, then a student’s not going to have one to play on.”

Band materials both big and small are needed for music performance and instrument maintenance. Each year, Kyle’s classroom goes through a large number of supplies, like, reeds, valve oil, guitar picks, instrument strings, bows, rosin, and lesson books. To ensure his students don’t have to purchase all of these tools themselves, Kyle raises funds using

“We need to fundraise because not all of the students have the money to participate in band or in a music ensemble,” said Kyle. “I believe it’s really important that the students shouldn’t have to pay anything to be a part of the ensemble.”

With help from, Kyle has equipped his students with the supplies they need to perform music with their classmates. The funding he’s received from donors reduces the financial burden placed on Kyle, and gets students involved in band who normally couldn’t afford it.

“That’s why I like to use,” said Kyle “Those materials that students can’t normally buy on their own, I can provide for them.”

According to Kyle, learning an instrument teaches his student the importance of perseverance, self-expression, and accountability, and helps them build strong bonds with their peers. These skills are highlighted when his students are given the opportunity to perform at big events. “They really see that they depend on one another, that they’re a valued part of the community and the ensemble.”

Kyle continues to raise funds so that all of his students have the opportunity to learn an instrument and eventually play in a concert alongside their peers.

“It really shouldn’t be an obstacle to their success if they can’t afford basic supplies for their instrument.”

Are you interested in helping Kyle bring music supplies to his classroom? Visit his classroom page to make a donation.

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