Teachers2Teachers: How to Engage Tough-to-Reach Parents

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This month, Jana had a great question, and you all had even better answers.

How can you engage a parent who doesn’t return your phone calls?

1. Use apps and social media. 

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Our teachers recommend Remind, ClassDojo, email, text, and Facebook.

“I use the Remind app to send messages via either text message or email. It’s the parents choice. I find that more parents are willing to respond if it’s not over the phone.” -Jennifer

2. Send notes home with students & reward responses

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“Write a compliment on a note, along with the other information that needs to be communicated. Usually the student wants to show the parent. I also reward the students with our class money system if they bring it back signed.” – Kelley

3. Catch them in-person

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“Pick up line after school is the best!!!” – Ilene

“I have found my best option is often a home visit. I’ll take our school counselor or a buddy teacher with me to visit with the parent in person. In severe cases, our principal has suspended students pending a parent conference. In these cases a written notice is sent home with the child.” – Toni


4. Lead with Compliments

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“Send out positive post cards, leave positive phone messages and send positive emails. You can always find something positive to say about even the toughest kids. I find that if parents know you truly like their kids, they are more likely to respond to you.” – Laurie

5. Ask their preference 

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“I email, text, use the remind app, send notes in the backpack and even go to their houses when needed. With all the technology available today- I usually survey parents at the beginning of the year and ask how they want to be contacted.” – Julie

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