First Grade Classroom Thanks BIC for Pencil Donation

In 2014, BIC launched their Fight For Your Write mission to help preserve the act of handwriting in an increasingly digital world. For every person that signs BIC’s online pledge to celebrate handwriting in their home and community, the company donates a pen or pencil to These writing utensils are then sent to classrooms across the United States that are in need of supplies. Since the start of this mission, BIC has donated over 125,000 writing utensils.

Melissa Hunt, a first grade teacher at I T Stoddard Elementary School, was one of the many educators that received pencils donated by BIC. A lot of her classroom’s supplies are funded out of Hunt’s own pocket, so this was a great surprise for the first grade teacher. According to Hunt, her students were enthusiastic to be given writing tools that looked much more exciting than the plain yellow pencils they’re used to working with. To show their gratitude, Hunt’s students handwrote thank you notes to BIC.

These are just a few of the many great thank you notes written by Hunt’s first graders:


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