March Featured Projects

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Possible Mentoring Through Inspirational Strategies

Jacqueline Torres-Quinones’s Classroom
South Dade Senior High School
Homestead, FL

Jacqueline’s students need exposure to community role models and relevant books to read that will encourage perseverance in spite of challenges. With your generous support, professional speakers will be invited to class in order to share their life experiences. Students will have the opportunity to learn behaviors that will enable them to resolve pending life issues in a constructive way. Students will also read books and scholarly magazines that will prepare them for tackling modern teenage issues in a timely manner.

We’re ready to make our Field Day Tie-Dyed shirts, but we need your help!

Jennifer Crawford’s Classroom
Bonnie Brae Elementary School
Fort Worth, TX

Hello Donors, We need your help to make this year’s Field Day t-shirts the best yet! For the past 10 years, my students and I have made our own field day t-shirts (most of my students and their families don’t have the funds to purchase a company printed shirt). Each class and their teacher pick a class mascot and color. Every student chooses a tie dye pattern for their t-shirt. After I dye them (all 500 of them), we draw the mascot on the shirt with permanent marker. This process can take weeks to finish, especially when I have to draw the mascot for my younger students (Pre-K, kinder and 1st grade). This year I would LOVE to purchase a T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit. This kit would allow my students to print their class’ mascot onto their t-shirt easily and quickly. This would also allow me to print the younger students t-shirts more quickly. The best part is this T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit will last years! After each class prints their shirt, I can clean and reuse the screen year after year.

STEAM Ahead to College and Career Readiness

Joy McCook’s Classroom
Bradwell Institute
Hinesville, GA

Many of my students are the first in their family to go to college. Education has not always been stressed or valued in their life. I want to be able to show my creative students that art has a large place in a number of careers, so they will know how to channel and use their creative skills. All of my students are very talented, but they need to embrace their talents and let them flourish. STEAM allows that to occur whether in science, math, technology, arts, or engineering. I can always show a student their strengths and how to use them for a career. I need hands-on lab materials for my students to build and discover. There are a number of items that we can build from basic household items such as cups, straws, rubber bands, and then there are some amazing STEM kits that can really help the engineering students flourish.

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