’s 2015 Annual Report

As teachers are looking toward wrapping up the school year, at we are reflecting on everything that happened during our 2015 fiscal year.

Through support of individual, small business, corporate, and nonprofit partners, we made great progress giving teachers a hand. To learn more about our organization and the momentum we’ve built for 2016, take a look at our 2015 annual report. Here are some highlights:

  • Funding Results
    • Discover just how many classrooms and students benefited from the funds we raised in 2015.
  • Donors
    • Helping teachers would be difficult without donors, so we made sure to highlight the organizations and individuals that make our work possible.    
  • National Spokesperson
    • Read what Board Chairman Doug Spong had to say about singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow’s new role as’s national spokesperson.
  • Teacher Testimonials
  • Financials
    • View our balance sheets to see the breakdown of our expenses and gross revenue over the last year.  

Do you want to help us get even more supplies in the hands of teachers this year? Visit the website to support our cause. Have a specific teacher in mind? Find and fund a classroom here.

Download our 2015 Annual Report here.