New Year = New Semester + Some of Our Favorite Projects

Happy 2016!

Now is the time to ensure that teachers and students can end the year on a high note. A new semester means new lesson plans and activities. Thousands of teachers need your help to create an engaging classroom experience for their students.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of rocks and minerals!

cori-walkerCori Walker’s Classroom
South Johnston High
Four Oaks, NC

Students will be completing a 3-part project on rocks and minerals. Part 1: Students will create a rock/mineral model. Part 2: Students will create an ad with logo appealing to the reader to purchase their particular rock or mineral. Part 3: Students will create an “American Idol” audition video of their rock or mineral, incorporating an original song. Within their audition students will describe all features of their rock or mineral.

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Kindergartners love to listen to stories over and over again!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 4.44.37 PMAmy Bonk’s Classroom
North Road Elementary School
Fenton, MI

To help them become strong readers, Kindergarten students should listen to stories more than one time. However, without a teacher or volunteer to read to them, how can that be accomplished? Listening to stories on CD is a means for students to be independent and offers a way to listen to an array of stories over and over again.

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iPads for Special Needs and English Language Learners

fdf7e342-0465-4846-9360-488d33ad30ea (1)Rosa Melendez’s Classroom
Patrick J Kennedy
Boston, MA

My students are new to using technology. Most have never worked on a computer before. In today’s world technology has a big impact on learning. With iPads in our classroom, learning would be at their fingertips. We would use reading and vocabulary apps to practice fluency work, phonics and reading comprehension. My students need to become familiar with technology, as standardized testing will use computers this year in Boston. They need practice to be successful at taking these tests.

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Add light to your drawings with paper circuits!

sm_7ef1789a-8dc8-4741-ba17-54c515342bf7Christeen Duffy’s Classroom
Cunningham School
Pawtucket, RI

Paper circuits are a fun, hands-on twist to learning about electricity! This project will be a collaboration with the art teacher. We will use different materials to add light to drawings, including ink, aluminum foil, and special paints. The objective is for the students to explore conductivity and simple circuit design. Some other needed materials include: copper paint, paint pens, conductive ink pens, a 9 volt battery, alligator clip test leads, assorted LEDs, and graphite pencils.

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