In Need of Disaster Relief: Floresville High School, Texas

Floresville High School in Texas was hit with an EF-2 tornado on Friday, October 30, 2015. The school community is working to pick up the pieces and repair damage to the building, however they need school supplies as soon as possible. To give to support classrooms, click here.

Main Building
Damage to Floresville High School building.

Yvonne Little from Floresville High School has more information about how the school was impacted and how a contribution on will help. How has the tornado impacted your school? 

Yvonne Little: Floresville High School students have been out of school for six days while structural engineers and catastrophe response teams assess the damage. Thankfully, the tornado hit before students and staff arrived to school. The main building at the high school campuses sustained the most damage. Neighboring schools and community members have been lending a hand by providing meals, hosting supply drives and providing support where they can. Administrators and staff are working hard to find temporary locations to hold classes and equip those locations with the materials and tools needed.

The community pulling together to support those impacted by the tornado.

AAC: What types of supplies will you purchase with classroom funds?

YL: The money raised by this fund will help teachers equip temporary classroom facilities while the rebuild process begins. Classes will be moved into gyms, band halls, and other structures that have been deemed secure.

Tornado Sign

AAC: What would it mean to your school to receive a donation?

YL: Receiving funds from donors will help ease the recovery and assist the students to feel that they are in a secure and functional learning environment. Sometimes disaster strikes, but it is how we as a community respond that makes the difference. It makes an impact on students when someone in another town, city, or state cares that they receive a quality education.

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Teachers: If you would like to help, you can donate any unused classroom funds to another classroom in the Teacher Dashboard. Email [email protected] for assistance or if your classroom was impacted by a natural disaster.

Since 2013, the After Disaster program has helped teachers start rebuilding their classrooms in the wake of natural disaster. We hope to give teachers and students a little bit of normal as their communities start to heal. Learn more about the history of the program here.