Classrooms Needing Disaster Relief: Pelion Middle and Manning High Schools

Photo via Kim Roper

“We have been out of school for a week. Several students lost workbooks when their homes flooded. Some of our classrooms were also affected and we lost things like headphones for the computers. Myself and several other teachers lost their homes and cars. It has been just devastating to say the least.”
– Kim Roper, Business Teacher
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“Our school is a high poverty school, and now many students have lost personal belongings, clothing, and school supplies. Every student in my school receives free breakfast and lunch, and for some students these are the only meals they eat each day. Unexpected days off from school mean that those students have little or nothing to eat until they return to school. If my classroom were to receive a donation, I would begin with purchasing basic supplies for my students–pens/pencils, paper, binders, etc. Once my students had the basics again, I would begin replacing copies of our class novel that were damaged or lost in the flood.”
– Kim Ferrari, English Teacher
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Teachers: If you would like to help, you can donate any unused classroom funds to another classroom in the Teacher Dashboard. Email [email protected] for assistance or if your classroom was impacted by a natural disaster.

Since 2013, the After Disaster program has helped teachers start rebuilding their classrooms in the wake of natural disaster. We hope to give teachers and students a little bit of normal as their communities start to heal. Learn more about the history of the program here.