Halloween Fun for Kinders, High Schoolers, and Everyone In-Between

You never outgrow Halloween. Which means that every level of teacher can get creative with their Halloween celebration, from totally adorable to absolutely terrifying. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite ideas for treats, games, and learning activities to make your planning a breeze! Plus, #BICFightForYourWrite has some great writing prompts for students of all ages!

Apple's Ghost= Cute and Kinder-Approved

Apple's GhostApple's Ghost= A Little Creepy

Apple's GhostApple's GhostApple's Ghost= Terrifying enough for the toughest students


orea treats Apple's Ghost Oreo Spiders via Mom.me


Apple's GhostApple's Ghost
“Boogers on Sticks” via TeachMama


Apple's GhostApple's GhostApple's Ghost

Carrot fingers via TeachMama



Apple's GhostMonster Dice via Momma’s Fun World


Apple's GhostApple's Ghost
Poison Apples via About.com


Apple's GhostApple's GhostApple's Ghost

Fear Factor via Cook Create Consume

Learning Activities 

Static-Electricity-BatApple's GhostStatic Electricity Flying Bats via Playdough to Plato


Apple's GhostApple's Ghost
Flying Tea Bag Ghosts via Playdough to Plato

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.14.05 PM

Apple's GhostApple's GhostApple's Ghost

Real Life Ghost Story Research via New York Times

Writing with BIC

15-434 BIC Halloween Writing Prompts

Apple's GhostApple's GhostApple's GhostApple's GhostApple's GhostApple's Ghost ,

As BIC continues to Fight For Your Write, consider using these fun writing prompts with your students this Halloween season.