Infographic: Recent AAC Survey Results on Teacher Spending

We asked and teachers told us: they are still spending more than their fair share on supplies each year.


Supplies make an impact. Teachers and students deserve the opportunity to purchase what they really need right away. Check out how you can help these classrooms succeed with…

hands-on experiences.

“I teach over 100 5th grade science students. Without, I wouldn’t be able to do all of the cool and exciting labs with my students.”

…basic supplies.

“The funds I received from ensure that my students have the necessary pencils, pens, erasers, paper, art supplies, staples, paperclips, and basic needs for the classroom without any worry. It is often difficult to request supplies from parents that have a limited income. AAC has allowed not only my class but my ‘team’ to have the needed materials.”

…long-lasting equipment.

“Three years ago, a parent donated to and I was able to purchase safety glasses. They have lasted all this time.”

…tools that eliminate distractions.

“Two years ago, made it possible to repair all the chairs in my classroom. This may not seem important, but when at least one leg of each chair has a broken foot it’s difficult to keep the chairs from rocking or falling over. I still have all my repaired chairs since new chairs are more of a wish than a possibility.”

…technology required to keep up.

“This year all of our classroom computers were removed because they were too old and were not replaced.  With the $400 donation I received, I was able to purchase four tablets and allow students to access to the online reading component necessary for our current curriculum.”


“ has been such a blessing! I had absolutely no funds for my 300 art students. Art supplies are expensive and need to be replaced often. Thanks to generous donors, students have been able to learn, create and display their work. I could not have paid for those supplies on my own.”

…the inspiration they need to keep going.

“A couple of years ago, allowed me to purchase a pack of gift certificates as incentives for my students. Recently, one of my former students told me how much it meant to her that I noticed her effort. Then she went into her purse and pulled out the certificate.  It is what encouraged her to stay in college and keep trying!”

Now is the time to support classrooms for the year ahead. Will you help?

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As of spring 2023, teacher out-of-pocket spending on supplies increased to an average of $860 a year.

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