How EVERY kind of parent can help teachers this year

The back to school season is tough for parents too. We know that for many of you, time and money are stretched thin and emotions can be running high as you send your littlest ones into their first classrooms. Getting back in the school groove is a process, making it really easy to forget about how hard this time of year is for teachers.

No matter your circumstance, we’re asking you not to leave them hanging. If teachers don’t have the tools and support they need, your child’s education will suffer. Teachers are working hard and spending an average of $500 out of their modest salaries to stock their classrooms. It’s a lot to handle on their own, especially for brand new teachers.

We know that many parents can’t spare $100 or a whole day of volunteering in the classroom. But we also know that there are many more ways to help. Check out our ideas for every parent:

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Time but no extra cash: volunteer in the classroom.

No cash to spare, but Tuesday mornings free? See if your child’s teacher is looking for volunteers. This is a great way to get involved, because you’ll get to spend a little extra time with your child while also giving a big hand to the teacher. Maybe seeing all they do will inspire you to become a champion (see the section below to learn more).

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Cash but no extra time: make your donation count.

Maybe your schedule is jam-packed, but you’ve put aside some extra money for a good cause. Don’t overlook your child’s classroom! You could help fund an exciting technology project or outfit a classroom library. If your child’s class has the basics covered, maybe give an equal donation to a teacher in a lower-income district who could use help with standard supplies for their kiddos. On you can search schools nearby, or check out some of our Featured Classrooms who are looking for help.

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No cash but a talent and some time: blog, event plan, or do something creative.

Alright so there’s no money to spare, but maybe you’re an awesome writer, or event planner, or photographer. Donate your talents to your teacher to help them raise funds. Write a letter to the editor, snap some awesome pictures in the classroom, or plan a race to raise money.

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No time, no money, but a few good friends: Become a champion for your teacher. 

Alright, so you have no extra money and no extra time. There’s nothing you can do for your teacher, right? Wrong. You can be a champion. Whoever you talk to throughout the day, whether it’s your boss, your co-workers, your friends, or anyone else: tell them about your teacher and their classroom needs.

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No time, no money, but an online shopping list: feel good about your necessary purchases. 

Sometimes you’re hanging on by your fingernails and you can only accomplish what you absolutely have to. That works too. and Ebay offer options so that you can support (and therefore the teachers you care about) automatically. All you have to do is shop for everything you normally would!

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