Running your first classroom: Advice from last year’s rookies

Forty to fifty percent of new teachers leave within their first five years on the job. Why? Because teaching is hard. More is expected of teachers than they could comprehend before starting the job. Teachers are lesson-planners, disciplinarians, fundraisers, administrators, emotional-support systems, and more.

At, we work everyday to give teachers a hand with classroom supplies, but we also strive to be a community where teachers can connect and feel supported. For this series, we asked last year’s rookie teachers to share their reflections from the first year. We hope that their insights and advice will help this year’s rookies feel more confident and less alone.

For the first post, we’re looking at the basics: how to run a classroom. Here’s what the rookies had to say:

On lesson planning

On discipline

On letting go:

Did you know? has a pilot program in the Twin Cities to support first-year teachers. We know that most teachers spend a significant amount of their own funds on classroom supplies. This financial burden falls particularly hard on first-year teachers who are stocking a classroom for the first time and have more limited financial means. Our goal is to reduce attrition among first-year teachers in order to reduce costs for schools and improve student achievement. To give to this fund, click here.

This is the first post in our series “First-Year Teachers, Here’s what you need to know: Advice from last year’s rookies”

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