Thank you ACE!

We’re overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude here at! This May ACE Cash Express raised $138,000 for teachers with their Give A Little Campaign.

It’s been so much fun reading notes from teachers this week that we thought we’d share a few with everyone:

Wow! This was an unexpected surprise and one for which my students and I are truly grateful! I was sitting in my living room making a wish list for school supplies when my iPad beeped letting me know I had received an email. There was a notification from Adopt A Classroom letting me know that my classroom had been selected! I got goose bumps!

Sincerely, Khristi Moore, Manhattan Place Elementary

KOM Check Presentation 2

What a wonderful surprise to my summer as I am preparing for the next school year!

Sincerely, Lisa Quon, San Pascual Avenue Elementary

I feel as if I have won the Lotto. Your donation is not only bringing me joy but you are also bringing it to my new group of students. Their year will begin without worries. I cannot wait to see their faces when they see that they don’t t have to worry about not having their own binder or not having to use their old one. They will have their own pens, paper, pencils, glue, notebooks, markers and crayons. I am elated!
Sincerely, Martha Gonzalez, Saturn Street Elementary

Thank you for adopting my class. Each year it becomes more of a challenge and difficult to provide all the needed supplies and materials for a classroom. When a classroom is adopted, it takes some of the stress and anxiety away from the teacher.

This year my second grade team is hoping to begin a weekly formal art lesson. This is often one of the first areas that is cut but we believe it is so important to allow students to show, refine, and discover their artistic abilities and interests. Your adopting my classroom will make a huge positive impact.

Sincerely, Debbie Hill, Gladstone Street Elementary