We at AdoptAClassroom.org are excited for another year teaming up with BIC’s Fight for Your Write campaign! Together, we are working to save handwriting as a critical learning tool for children.

But we think typing about it would be a little hypocritical…So instead we got some of our team members to practice their handwriting by jotting down their thoughts about the importance of writing:


For more information and facts about writing, visit www.BICFightForYourWrite.com

We know that many students need writing tools and too often teachers provide them with their own funds. It’s one of the most common supplies teachers list on their AdoptAClassroom.org page. In 2014, BIC provided 100,000 writing tools to children in need.

Want to support BIC and AdoptAClassroom.org in our mission to save handwriting, and all the valuable skills that go along with it? Sign the petition and join the conversation by writing out your favorite quote, thought, or statistic and sharing with #BICFightForYourWrite.

For each signature, BIC will donate pens and pencils to classrooms across the U.S, so sign now!