Sleeping past 6 a.m. (and 4 other end-of-the-year excitements)

Sometimes we pretend that the end of the school year is only exciting for students. But let’s just acknowledge that it’s exciting for teachers too. Here’s five moments we hope you experience as this school year comes to a close:

5. The exhausted excitement

When you’re geeking out over sleeping until eight a.m.


4. The evil excitement

When you think about parents having their kids home all day, and know they’ll realize how hard your job is.

Via giphy

3. The ego excitement

When you get your evaluations back and you rocked them.


2. The emotional excitement

When your kids finally admit they’ll miss you and say all kinds of nice goodbyes.

Via Cuddlebuggery

1. The…excitement 

When…we’re not even sure how to describe this but we love it and hope that every teacher channels this level of fierce as the school year comes to a close (thanks to Barry Fike and Annie Alcott Fike, friends of AAC, for sharing this video with us).


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