Teacher Humor Roundup 4/9

Our job is to give teachers a hand. Usually, that means connecting you to donors who can help with pencils, books, and other vital school supplies. But sometimes we think a good laugh can be just as beneficial. Here are five things that made us giggle this week:

1. Because it’s important to remember how terrifying your job really is:

office scissorsoffice 2

‘When the kids throw classroom supplies with no regard to safety.’


2. Because your students think you’re crazy for cracking up at “nothing,” but you know the truth:

3. Because secretly you’re a cold-hearted life ruiner:

“I won’t let my students listen to music on their smartphones during class even though EVERY other teacher in the WHOLE world lets them.” —Phend

4. Because you remember the “old days” when ‘#’ meant ‘number:’

5. Because this happens at least 5 times a day:


When I’m in the middle of explaining something and a kid interrupts to ask me about something I am ABOUT TO GO OVER. 
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