Why should you donate to AdoptAClassroom.org?

It can be really hard finding a cause to stand behind. As a donor, you have to make a decision about which organizations are going to use your money in a way that embraces your values. AdoptAClassroom.org is one of the best options for your donation and here are some reasons why.

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1. Transparency. When you donate to a teacher on AdoptAClassroom.org, you know exactly where your money is going. Not only do you get to choose the exact teacher, but you can rest easy knowing that your donation goes to them. After a teacher has received and spent your funds, you receive an impact report showing exactly which products were purchased.

2. Tax deductible. You can write off every donation to AdoptAClassroom.org. Charity Navigator has a great post about the tax benefits of giving. (Bonus: we have a 4 star rating on Charity Navigator!)

3. Choice. There are so many ways to give to AdoptAClassroom.org. You can give to an individual teacher, give to support our operations, or shop at a number of our charity and corporate partners. If you don’t already know a teacher to give to, you can search based on location or funding need area and discover a teacher who’s working towards goals that you really connect with.

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4. It’s a good cause. The average teacher spends almost $500 every year on the supplies they need to do their job. Teachers in underserved communities tend to have an even higher need for funding, and they’re the ones who are likely being paid less. When you donate to a teacher, you’re not just helping that teacher, you’re also touching the lives of every student they work with. Teachers can’t teach if they don’t have the supplies they need, but even more importantly, students can’t learn. With AdoptAClassroom.org, you can help more teachers help more students. 🙂