Help Their Teacher, Help The Child

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Teachers spend approximately 7 hours each day, 5 days a week with your student. Multiply that time by weeks in a school year, and teachers spend approximately 1400 hours with your student each year. They play a big role in your child’s life. They are responsible for giving your child an education. Don’t they deserve a little help?

Each year, teachers spend over $500 out of pocket for classroom supplies. They purchase two-thirds of all teaching materials. Chances are, your child’s teacher is supporting their own classroom because they care about your child’s success.

Unfortunately, the supplies that your child brings to school at the start of each year aren’t enough for teachers to teach properly. By making a donation to your child’s teacher through, you are enabling your student’s teacher to purchase the supplies that they need most to help your child succeed in school.

Here’s how to help:

1) Search for your child’s teacher

Visit and search for your child’s teacher by name or school. Take note of what their biggest needs are. Bookmark their classroom page for future reference. Post their page on your social media pages. Help this teacher spread the word that they have a classroom in need!

2) Ask them to register

If you can’t find your child’s teacher in the search function, tell the teacher about

3) Make a back-to-school donation

Now that you’d found or added your child’s teacher, add a donation to your child’s back-to-school shopping list. Any amount helps!

4) Make it a gift

Replace back-to-school, holiday, and end of year gifts with a contribution to your child’s classroom through Teachers don’t need more food and apple presents. What they need are core teaching supplies.

5) Ask other parents to contribute

Your child’s teacher will appreciate any amount, but if you work with other classroom parents, the funds will grow! Send out an email to other parents you know, or bring it up during back-to-school events. If every parent gave $10, your child’s teacher would have around $300 to make a large dent in classroom supply shopping.

6) Watch for needs throughout the year

Is the class pencil sharpener broken? Are the bathrooms out of toilet paper? Are your child’s school markers always running dry? Take note of what the classroom needs and try to help where you can.

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