Going Back Means Giving Back

Days are getting shorter, temperatures will soon be getting crisper, and summer activities are winding down. That can only mean one thing… Back To School season has arrived!

For teachers, that means preparing to meet new students, writing new lesson plans, and spending hundreds of dollars to stock their classrooms with much needed teaching supplies. 

The average teacher spends over $1000 each year purchasing classroom supplies. 1 in 3 teachers even going as far as purchasing classroom toilet paper because their school can’t provide enough.

Now is the time that teachers need your help the most! Visit AdoptAClassroom.org to donate to a classroom this fall. Search by school, location, grade, or classroom subject and make a difference in the lives of children across the country.

Our motto this fall is “Going Back Means Giving Back”. As your student goes back to school this fall, give back to your community. Teachers are raising our future generation. They need our help.

Visit AdoptAClassroom.org to search for a teacher who needs your help.

Or, visit AdoptAClassroom.org/donate to help our non-profit grow.