Your Change Can Make Real Change!


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Today is the start of our partnership with jcp cares for the month of August! Now through August 31st, do your back-to- school shopping at jcpenney and round up your purchase at any jcpenney register to support students and teachers in your community.

Just a little pocket change can make real change! 

Back-to-School season is an exciting time for students, parents and teachers but can be difficult a challenging time for some. School budgets are tight and teachers receive little discretionary funds to equip their classrooms. More than 15 million students live in families who cannot provide all of the supplies needed for them to succeed in school.

The result? Teachers spend their own money, from their modest salaries, to purchase classroom supplies and materials in order to do their job.

Studies show teachers spend on average $1000 of their own money each year.

They need our help.

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