‘Thank You’ Note of the Day

We bet you’re excited for summer vacation! Here in Miami, Adopt-A-Classroom’s headquarters, today is the last day of school for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. To all of our teachers here and around the country – enjoy the summer!

We know that some teachers are still wrapping up the school year and have heard that others are already planning for the next one so we’ve still got plenty of activity at Adopt-A-Classroom. We’d like to share a thoughtful ‘Thank You’ note, also known as an ‘Impact Report’, recently sent from a teacher in San Francisco, California to the classroom donor:

“I purchased markers and colored pencils for my classroom. We have many projects where students make posters and present their information to the class. Communicating scientific discoveries is one of our California standards for the seventh grade. Through the course of the year, we do posters about genetics families, plant experiment posters, and human body system to name just a few. With 150 students, we go through markers and colored pencils like crazy. The visuals that students create to learn about science concepts as well as help their fellow classmates learn these concepts, are invaluable to their science education. Thank you for your donation!”

If you have any fun, inspiring, interesting stories from your Adopt-A-Classroom experience this year, please share them with us as well! You can email us at wesupportteachers (at) adoptaclassroom.org.