97% of Teachers Will Do Whatever it Takes to Help Kids Learn

A national survey conducted by Kelton Research in April 2010, “National Teaching Realities Survey“, found that 97% of all teachers will go the extra mile to create an effective learning environment for their students, even if it means dipping into their own pockets to purchase necessary supplies.

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At Adopt-A-Classroom, we’re critically aware of the issue and we’re glad that others are paying attention as well. Other facts that the survey found:

  • Essential Resources – 69% of teachers believe that having the right tools in the classroom is essential for their success as an educator.
  • Classrooms Are Lacking – As school budgets shrink, 70% of teachers report their schools are unable to provide them with the necessary tools to effectively teacher students.
  • Selflessly Devoted – 82% of teachers think it is their responsibility to ensure students have the best learning experience possible – spending an average of $623 of their own money on supplies for their students each year.
  • Parents Can Help – About 2/3 of teachers say parents have the opportunity to help by either donating school supplies to their classroom or helping organize fundraisers for classroom supplies.

Adopt-A-Classroom is very proud to do be able to do our part to support our nation’s teachers. With every school in the United States listed in our database, we make it easy for any individual to adopt a classroom, anywhere in the country.

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