Field Trip to the Natural History Museum with a Jonas Brother

Earlier this week, one of Adopt-A-Classroom’s teachers, Mrs. Khristi Phillips at Manhattan Place Elementary in Los Angeles, was able to take her second graders on a field trip provided by LUNCHABLES. We visited their classroom before their trip to meet Mrs. Phillips and her students in person and found a vibrant learning environment funded in part by classroom grants from a very generous donor through Adopt-A-Classroom.

As background – Mrs. Phillips’ class donor is a former resident of the school’s neighborhood who wanted to give back. Mrs. Phillips had written a compelling class description that helped to convince the donor to select her classroom. Starting at the beginning of this school year, the donor has made donations in small increments throughout the year that have amounted to more than $1,000!

With these funds, Mrs. Phillips and her students now have daily journals used to improve their writing skills, color pencils and crayons for their art projects, and storage boxes and file folders to organize their classroom, among other supplies.

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom though and Mrs. Phillips’ second graders wanted very much to go on a field trip. Luckily, LUNCHABLES was able to help make this happen as part of their ‘Field Trips for All‘ program! The class went to the Natural History Museum for their first field trip of the school year. See below for pictures of the class, their trip, and the special guest! 

Mrs. Phillips (far right) with her second graders and Fong Wa Chung (far left),
Director of Development of Adopt-A-Classroom.
Special guest Kevin Jonas welcoming the students to the Natural History Museum.
Mrs. Phillips with her class and Kevin Jonas in the Fin Whale Passage exhibit
The students learning about sea anemone in the Natural History Museum’s Discovery Center.