Impact Reporting: Guide to Thanking Donors

Whenever someone makes a donation,
make sure they never feel forgotten after they donate.

Crowdfunding is about building long-term relationships with your community of donors, so they continue supporting your classroom when it needs funding.

Step 1: Immediately Thank Your Donor

When someone donates, login to your account to send them a thank-you message as soon as you notice the donation. It’s important to acknowledge your donors right away, so they know their support is appreciated and important to you. You also don’t want to push it off for later and risk forgetting.

Example Thank-you Message

“Thank you so much for adopting my classroom, Leah! Many of my students come to class without the art supplies they need to express their creativity. It means so much to me and my students that you would want to help stock our classroom with art supplies. Because of you, no student will feel left out when they enter my classroom!”

Step 2: Send Them an Impact Report

Once you receive the learning tools you purchased with your donations, send each donor an impact report to update them on how their donation helped.

Donors love to see the impact their donation made, so provide them with photos of the supplies being used by students, a list of the materials purchased, an explanation of how the materials have already helped your students, and another thank-you message.

Step 3: Post Updates on Your Classroom Page

Throughout the fundraising process, keep donors up-to-date directly on your classroom fundraising page.

In the “Updates” section of your fundraising page, you can post comments, photos, or videos to keep donors informed on your fundraising progress, supply needs, and the impact their donations continue to make throughout the year.

Learn how to post an update to your classroom fundraising page here.

The more you can keep donors engaged with and invested in your classroom,
the more likely they’ll be to donate again.

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