Support Teachers Right Now and Where It Matters takes great pride in our ability to support teachers in a transparent, fast, and efficient way. You may choose to support an individual classroom or Spotlight Fund, or you may give your donation to support our general fund to help where educators need it most.

91% of teachers said support from helps them keep teaching. Learn More. enables PreK-12 teachers and schools to access the supplies they need, when they need them. Your donation to our general fund helps us direct resources to the areas that best support high-needs schools while offsetting the financial burden on teachers. 

90% of classrooms adopted during the 2022-2023 school year were in high-needs schools. Learn More.

We encourage you to investigate before you donate to support teachers. Click on the links below for independently verified information about’s finances and operations.

90 cents of every dollar donated went to programs supporting classrooms. Learn More.

Educators receive 100% of donations to their classrooms or schools to order the items they need.

What Does a General Fund Donation Do?
A Lot!

Classroom Supplies

General fund donations help us provide more classroom supplies to students in high-needs classrooms struggling to receive the support through other means.

Technology Improvements

Teachers and schools use to access the supplies they need. As a national, remote workforce, technology helps us keep our top efficiency ratings.

Mission Support

The majority of classrooms adopted are connected to funding through the efforts of our staff, not by a donor they know. Additionally, our Teacher Services Team helps to deliver hundreds of thousands of product orders each year.

Grants for Teachers

Spotlight Funds target specific areas of need in education such as natural disasters, STEM, the arts, and racial equity. Teachers are awarded for $750+ grants based on need and a grant submission.

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