Inspire early learners in Chicago Public Schools to take on the world with confidence and give them the STEM skills they need to reach their full potential with the STEM Adventures in Chicago Program from Surprise Powerz.

Support teachers in providing their students–especially girls and children of color–with fun classroom and field trip STEM experiences.

According to research from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, “Many teachers have gendered assumptions about teaching STEM topics. These beliefs can cause them to experience anxiety and low self-esteem, which can transfer to their students. Teachers can benefit from reconsidering STEM in the context of developmentally-informed, playful learning activities.”

Surprise Powerz’s philosophy is rooted in shaping girls’ beliefs about what they can be successful at, starting from an early age.

Help bring Surprise Powerz to 300 classrooms in Chicago Public Schools.

By donating, you’re helping us reach our goal of $135,000 to equip 300 teachers with the tools they need to develop a love of STEM in young girls.

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