Why Fundraise with AdoptAClassroom.org?

There are a variety of fundraising websites for teachers,
but not every platform is created equal. Here’s how we help you meet your fundraising goals so you can get the school supplies you need to do your job.

We’re free to use. 100% of donations to your classroom page are yours to spend in the AdoptAClassroom.org Vendor Marketplace.

We’re a nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible, which incentivizes donors to give through our fundraising platform.

No goals to meet. You can spend your donations anytime, within 12 months of receiving them. You do not have to meet a specific fundraising goal. Even if you have a self-determined goal, you can still spend your donations immediately.

Flexible spending. Being a teacher is unpredictable. If your needs change after you fundraise, you can order what you need, no questions asked.

Monthly giving for ongoing support. Your donors can give monthly automatically so you always have funds to count on.

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