How to Find Classroom Donors

After a while, you might hit a fundraising plateau. If that’s the case, it’s time to expand your classroom donor reach.

Follow our steps for expanding your network of donors to reach
new people who may want to support your classroom on

Step 1: Identify Your Inner Circle 

Brainstorm the connections you have within your inner circle. Especially those who have already helped your fundraising efforts in some way, whether they’re a previous classroom donor or if they helped you spread the word to their network.

Inner Circle Examples:

  • Family and friends
  • Social media followers or Facebook groups
  • Clubs, groups, community organizations, or religious institutions
  • Alumni of your alma mater
  • Local businesses
  • Affinity groups in the subject you teach

If you don’t have connections you can tap into, research the groups, organizations, or businesses in your community, and reach out to some of them to ask if they can help you fundraise or become a classroom donor.

Step 2: Ask Your Inner Circle For Help

Ask a few current supporters from your inner circle if they can connect you with new donors or share your your donation ask with their network. Don’t be afraid to set clear expectations. If you have a time-limited campaign and want your supporters to post on social media once a day for three days, ask for it.

Do you have a connection with a local business? See if they would be willing to share your fundraising page with their staff and customers.

Step 3: Build a Fundraising Toolkit

Your inner circle may want to help you fundraise, but they don’t know your classroom needs as well as you do. Give your inner circle a “Fundraising Toolkit” that includes photos, talking points, pre-written social posts, a donation flyer, and a link to your classroom page. This will equip them with what they need to be expert fundraisers on your behalf.

Step 4: Connect With New Donors

Whenever someone in your inner circle connects you with a new donor, get their contact or social media information if possible. It will give you a chance to say thank you and build new relationships.

When you need support again, you will have new contacts in your inner circle of donors, or people who will help connect you to new donors.

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