Fight educational inequality by supporting high-needs classrooms

Is education fair?
Our teacher spending survey paints an unfortunate reality: it isn’t. In fact, the problem of educational inequality is getting worse. And teachers are literally paying the price.

To address educational inequality, we use two criteria to identify high-needs schools:

1. Schoolwide Title I eligibility, or
2. At least 40% of students qualify for free or reduced price lunch

90% of classrooms adopted during the 2022-2023 school year were in high-needs schools. Learn More.

How big is the problem?

Teachers are spending more

Teachers in high-needs classrooms spend $880 out-of-pocket on school supplies each year, more than the average teacher.  each year. Since 2015, average teacher spending has increased by 44%.

Students don’t have what they need to learn with their peers

81% of teachers said they buy supplies so their students have the same opportunities. 8 out of 10 teachers say a donation helps address gaps in students’ learning environments.

Join us in fighting educational inequality today.

Every single child deserves access to the tools they need to learn.

Who your gift supports

About 50% of our students come to school without the needed supplies. This definitely has an impact on their learning. The classroom donation has had a significant and positive impact on my students. Now, instead of having to worry about going into my pockets I can focus more on teaching my students.”

Aretha, Teacher

I spend my own money because I’m able to be sympathetic with student needs. I just love them. I don’t think about it twice. Sometimes I have to wait a pay period or two before I get something that I want for them, that I know will enhance their learning.” 

Betty, Teacher

School learning is important to me because it is the only way we can gain knowledge so I can get a job and earn money to survive. I am happy when my teacher buys us things, but I get sad at the same time because the money comes from her pocket.”

Marcos, Student

Fight educational inequality today

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