PCM-G Star Teacher Award Criteria

  • Starting in January and every three months following for one year, PCMG will feature three STEM teachers’ stories, photos, and videos on their website. Visitors will be asked to vote for the teacher they want to receive a $2,000 shopping spree with AdoptAClassroom.org where they can purchase the technology, supplies, and materials they need most. The other two teachers will each receive $600. All teachers will receive their funds following their round of voting. Before the teacher’s application launches on the PCM-G website, AdoptAClassroom.org will notify the teacher that their application is up for a vote on the $2,000 prize.
  • Each of the four $2,000 winners will be automatically entered to win the New Tech Grand Prize for IT equipment for their classroom and school (valued at $10,000). The technology will include tablet computers and other education-related items. Voting will begin January 2019.
  • Deadline to apply to is November 20th. Teachers selected will be notified by December 20th if they were chosen by the program.
  • Applications should reflect a request for a $2,000 grant.
  • Teachers are not required to work for a high-needs school (school-wide Title 1), but teachers must work for an AdoptAClassroom.org-approved public school. Applications from teachers working for private schools will not be considered. Priority will be given to high-needs schools and rural areas.
  • If teachers selected for the program change schools at any point during the voting process, they must notify AdoptAClassroom.org immediately at [email protected]. If a teacher moves to a public school, they may remain in the program. If they move to a private school, they must forfeit their funds to another teacher who applied for the program selected by AdoptAClassroom.org.
  • It is not a requirement that teachers have an active AdoptAClassroom.org classroom page at the time of the application.
  • Teachers must be classroom teachers, but it is not required that they be STEM teachers. Teachers must prove that the funds will go to support STEM projects in any subject area.
  • Prekindergarten classrooms will not be accepted for the grant.
  • Teachers agree to allow AdoptAClassroom.org and PCM-G to use application information in marketing for the PCM-G Start Teacher Awards and AdoptAClassroom.org STEM Funds.
  • Teachers must submit a video for part or all of their application. This video will be featured on the PCM-G website. If they cannot provide a video, they must provide photos and a reason why they cannot provide a video.
    • Videos and photos cannot include students without a parent/guardian release.
  • Teachers must provide details on exactly which product they intend to purchase and the estimated cost of the total grant request. Teachers will be encouraged to research materials on the AdoptAClassroom.org marketplace, but some items outside of the marketplace will be accepted.

PCM-G Star Teacher Award Impact Report Criteria

By applying for a donation from this grant award, you are agreeing to the following:

  • All teachers must provide an Impact Report within six months of receiving funds, or they will not be allowed to apply for any AdoptAClassroom.org grant programs for two academic years.
  • Impact reports are a one-page document about what was purchased for the classroom and the impact made for the teacher and students.
  • Teachers must also provide photos. Any photos that include students must be accompanied with a release form signed by a parent/guardian that allows AdoptAClassroom.org and partners to use the photos to publicize the fund.
  • All grant recipients must send back thank you letters addressed specifically to PCM-G.
  • Teachers will be encouraged to post thank you content on social media and tag AdoptAClassroom.org and PCM-G appropriately.

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