Benjamin E. Mays IB World School is a K-5 International Baccalaureate Elementary School. It is part of St. Paul Public Schools and serves a student population of 445 who come from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds.

They are in their fourth year of training and implementation with The Innocent Classroom. In the past 3 years, school leaders have validated a downward trend in disciplinary referrals. Trust is increasing among the staff, and staff members are also starting to “share a child’s good” with their family, deepening teacher-parent relationships.

Results of this program at Benjamin E. Mays:

  • 80% of surveyed educators reported an increase or strong increase in academic mindset.
  • 81.3% of surveyed educators reported that they are better able to redirect student behavior in a positive direction.
  • 87.5% of surveyed educators reported improved relationships with students.
  • 21% reduction in office disciplinary referrals reported.
  • 86.6% of surveyed educators reported more academic growth than usual in some or most of their students.
  • 75.1% of surveyed educators would recommend Innocent Classroom: Labs to a colleague.
  • 56.3% of surveyed educators report a more positive daily outlook because of participation in Innocent Classroom.

This year the school is working to not only end disciplinary disparities, but to effectively eliminate out of classroom referrals for all children.