Hurricane Harvey Classroom Relief Fund

Monday, August 29 was supposed to be the first day of school for hundreds of thousands teachers, students and families. But instead of opening their doors to children excited for another year of learning, many schools have become uninhabitable and unsafe to even enter.

But teachers are still preparing for the school year ahead—and they are mobilizing efforts to be there for each student impacted by the storm. We know teachers often serve as first responders to their students needs. Even so, many teachers have lost resources, supplies, and other items necessary to making their schools a safe place. They need your support now more than ever>



Hurricane Irma Classroom Relief Fund

Just as the school year was getting going, students and teachers are now without power, internet and their classrooms.

Teachers had already spent hundreds, if not thousands, out-of-pocket stocking their classrooms for this school year—all destroyed by Hurricane Irma. Many of the families affected by a natural disaster can’t afford to help by purchasing school supplies for their kids because they’re recovering from the loss of their homes and personal possessions. Similarly, many teachers cannot afford to replace the materials they spent their career collecting while their own homes are damaged.

Your gift today will help get students and teachers into the classroom again and the school year on track which is vital to bringing a sense of normalcy back to the communities devastated by Hurricane Irma. Please give them a helping hand today>

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