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California Wildfires 2018 Classroom Relief Fund

Wildfires ravaged schools in California in November, 2018, disrupting not only the schools, but also the lives of thousands of teachers and students.

The greatest need is in Paradise where the Paradise Unified School District where thousands of students are now displaced because multiple school sites were damaged or destroyed.

Make your donation today to join the relief effort. Funds will be disbursed to teachers and schools in communities impacted by wildfires to rebuild their classrooms and support their students.

Teachers First Fund

Teachers need school supplies now more than ever. brings assistance to teachers by connecting them with funding to purchase the classroom supplies and materials they need immediately. Support our mission here.

Highest-Need Fund

More than half of America’s kids in public schools live in poverty according to the Southern Education Foundation. Nearly two-thirds of all classroom materials are purchased by teachers from their own funds. Teachers are supplying their classroom with everything from pencils to technology to hygiene items.

Contributions to the Highest-Need Fund will support classrooms in high-poverty schools (majority Title 1) across the country. Learn more >

STEM Fund (Math, Tech & Science)

“Only 36% of high-school students are ready for college-level science.” – The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2014, ACT

Contributions to the STEM fund support science, math, engineering, and computer science classrooms in need across the country. As a contributor to this fund, you’ll receive regular updates and photos from teachers and students about how your impact is making a difference in their classroom. Learn more >

New Teacher Fund

What if you had to pay out of pocket for all of the supplies you need to do your job? Your computer, tablet, desk, chair, anything you use at work had to be paid for out of your own money. Seems crazy, right? But teachers have to.

Every year teachers spend anywhere from $600-$1,000 of their own money on supplies for their classroom. It’s even more for new teachers, they need to stock their classrooms and build their inventory for the first time. It’s expensive. And, new teachers are already struggling financially. Nationally, the average starting salary for teachers is $36,141 and student loan debt for teachers is in excess of $15,000. This means the supplies for their classroom have to come out of an already tight budget—their own pocket. Learn more>

Inclusive Classroom Fund

What is an “Inclusive Classroom” and why is it important?

Every student learns in their own way and often at their own pace. And, we know teachers are uniquely positioned to identify and address each student’s individual needs. The Inclusive Classroom Fund will support teachers wanting to incorporate reading materials better representative of their students cultural and experiential backgrounds, materials for ESL students, equipment and curriculum materials for special needs students, anti-bullying programs and workshops, diversity training for teachers, alternative learning therapies, and much more. Learn more>


Disaster Relief Fund

Natural disasters seem to dominate news outlets, but how can you help rebuild affected communities? We know you want to help.’s Disaster Relief Fund is a standing fund used to respond immediately to natural disasters impacting schools, classrooms, teachers, and students. Your donation helps rebuild communities one classroom at a time. Learn more >

Hurricane Maria Classroom Relief Fund

Months after Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, many schools are still without power or the necessary materials needed to run a classroom. But teachers are still pushing ahead—and they are doing everything in their power to be there for each student impacted by the storm. We know teachers often serve as first responders to their students’ needs. With that said, many teachers have lost resources, supplies, and other items necessary to make their schools a safe place—all while dealing with their own personal losses.

Arts Fund

Your donation to the Arts fund supports arts education programs in schools—from drama to finger-painting—so teachers can stock their classrooms with the supplies they need. Arts programs are especially vulnerable to limited budgets as teachers rely on expensive consumable products. A student’s creativity shouldn’t have a limit, and your support makes this a reality.

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