RHP Properties is Supporting Schools in Their Communities

RHP Properties, the nation’s largest private owner and operator of manufactured home communities, has donated $80,000 to AdoptAClassroom.org to support teachers and students in their own backyard. 

RHP operates in cities across the country, and they’re committed to making a difference in their communities. Since 2020, they have supported more than 7,000 students, many of whom live in RHP communities. 

RHP Properties’ support comes at a crucial time for students and their teachers. In 2022, 80% of teachers said students’ families are having a harder time paying for school supplies. When families struggle to provide their children with the supplies they need for school, teachers step in to help, spending an average of $750 a year on learning materials, more than ever before. Teachers can only do so much for their students on their own.

Thanks to support from RHP Properties, teachers have been able to provide their students with more of the essential materials they need to learn and succeed, without having to reach into their own pockets.

RHP’s Support This Year

RHP Properties is making 2022 their biggest year yet. The company donated $40,000 to AdoptAClassroom.org to support four schools in RHP communities. This donation helped put essential learning tools and materials into the hands of students at Mountain View High School in El Monte, CA, Northridge High School in Greeley, CO, Arturo Cambeiro Elementary School in Las Vegas, NV and Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, IN.

When RHP Properties donates to a school through AdoptAClassroom.org, the funds help the schools’ teachers purchase needed classroom supplies, from notebooks and pencils, to headphones and STEM kits. Each teacher has different classroom needs to fill in order to best support their students. That’s why teachers are empowered to use their AdoptAClassroom.org donations to purchase the education tools they know they need, when they need them.

Here’s what the teachers at Northridge High School spent their donation on: 

Basic Supplies – 28% 

STEM Supplies – 27%

Technology Tools and Devices – 14%

Books and Curriculum – 11% 

Furniture, Storage, and Decorations – 9%

Arts & Crafts – 7%

Incentives & Play – 3%

Music – 1%

Lorayn L., a math teacher at Northridge High School, wouldn’t have been able to provide her students with the math manipulatives she ordered through AdoptAClassroom.org if it wasn’t for RHP Properties.

“Our math teachers purchased manipulatives that will enhance student learning and engagement within our classrooms,” said Lorayn. “These manipulatives would normally be on a teacher’s wish list, but not be within a teacher’s budget to purchase for their classes.”

Joanna F., a family and consumer science teacher at Northridge High School needs basic school supplies for her students to learn and participate in her classroom. She also needs learning tools to help her students better engage with her lesson plans. With the donation she received from RHP Properties, Joanna was able to provide her students with the materials she knew would help them succeed in her classroom.

“I am so thankful for the donation from RHP Properties,” said Joanna. “With the donation, the Career and Technical Education Department was not only able to purchase classroom supplies for students, but we were also able to purchase some really cool hands on manipulatives and visual models for students to use to deepen their understanding of content standards and objectives.”

RHP Properties’ commitment to education is making a BIG difference in the lives of teachers and students; strengthening their communities across the country with every school they support.