STEM Teacher Tips

Seven STEM Activities for Distance Learning

When we think of  STEM activities, images of busy learners working together on hands-on projects probably come to mind. Now, almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, how do teachers keep students engaged while teaching STEM remotely? How have teachers translated hands-on, group learning activities to the online classroom?

During our recent #TeachingSTEM2021 Twitter Chat, asked teachers to share their favorite distance learning STEM lessons. We gathered some of our favorite STEM activities, shared by our community of innovative teachers, to spread the knowledge  to even more educators! 

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Seven STEM Activities for Distance Learning:

1.Hurricane-Proof Houses 

This clever construction project will help students think critically about weather and the impact it can have on people’s lives. A household fan makes this fun challenge accessible to all students.

2. Science Bag Surprises!

A bag full of STEM activities will delight your students, even from a safe distance! Our 2020 survey of Prek-12 teachers found that 70% of educators dropped off or mailed school supplies to their students’ homes for distance learning to keep them engaged.

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3. Get Electric by Making Foil Circuits 

Lessons about electricity wouldn’t be complete without students conducting their own currents! 

4. Utilize Sustainable Supplies

Inspire the next generation of architects to create the sustainable buildings of the future! Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle by using everyday objects for a variety of STEM activities.

5. Build Ramps

Building ramps with students from items found around the home is a practical and engaging way to teach physics. We love that this teacher is also teaching valuable parking skills students are likely to use when they grow up! 

6. Design a Lunar Base

This STEM project encourages hands-on, creative problem solving while connecting students with current scientific news. This project is the perfect combination of art and engineering; especially for this educator’s student, who prioritized their love of music by putting a piano on their lunar base. 

7. Keep the Classics

Counting with Cheerios is a time-honored math activity for Pre-K and Kindergarten students. Students who are safe at home can still eat the Cheerios as a snack once they’re done counting! 

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