Boy Scouts of America is Giving Back to Teachers & Schools

The Boy Scouts of America is teaming up with as their service partner for their Family Fun Fests on August 8 and September 12, 2020. During the virtual events, Scouts and their families, and those of you checking out the Scouts, can participate in a service program by donating to in support of K-12 schools and teachers. Whether or not you donate, make sure to download our special teacher thank-you card, fill it out, and give it to your favorite teacher as a special thanks for how hard they work. 

Whether teaching and learning is happening virtually or in the classroom, The Boy Scouts of America wants to ensure teachers and schools across the nation have the resources they need to keep their students engaged and learning. 

During Family Fun Fest on August 8th, families can participate in several activities, including building a derby car, making art, baking treats for their pets, and “doing a good turn” by supporting 

This school year, educators need our support more than ever before.’s spring 2020 Teacher Spending Survey found that teachers spend an average of $745 a year on school supplies. 45% of teachers said their spending has increased since distance learning began. 

“Distance learning has been hard because many students do not have technology or access to the Internet at home. I had to purchase multiple things with my own money to make distance learning work, including online programs so my students could work on their phones, tablets, or whatever technology they had access to.” – Anonymous Teacher, 2020 Survey

From August 8th-September 30th, you can do a good turn by making a donation to the Boy Scouts of America Fundraiser. Donations will support’s mission to advance equity in education, and provide teachers and schools with the resources they need.

Boy Scouts of America is sharing all of the details about Family Fun Fest, including what you need to participate, online. You can learn more and sign up for Family Fun Fest here