Amazing Things Happen in Classrooms When Donors Lend a Hand

Every teacher should feel empowered. And when they are empowered with the resources they need, they make brighter futures possible for our leaders of tomorrow. Thanks to Annual Fund donors, teachers are changing the way their students learn.

The power of a helping hand


History teacher Mark Westpfahl raised more than $3,500 on Using the funds, he replaced his classroom’s traditional desks and chairs with coffee tables, ottomans, standing desks, window seating, and historical chairs from the Minnesota Senate.

Westpfahl doesn’t like sitting in the same place for too long, so he made sure his students wouldn’t have to either. His newly-furnished classroom promotes flexibility, comfort, and collaboration.

Donations to Mark’s classroom through gave him and his students a voice in deciding what their classroom needed, and helped them see that there is a community of people that care about their learning. Without donors contributing to the  Teachers First Fund, Mark’s classroom transformation wouldn’t be possible.

“Right now, the majority of our school’s spaces are not comforting, they almost have graveyard like seating,” Mark said. “We were able to get so much from the donations that it completely transformed the classroom.”

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Putting teachers first couldn’t continue to change the lives of teachers and their students without the support of incredible donors. When people give to the Annual Fund, they empower great teachers like Mark with the resources needed—without having to dig deep into his own pockets—for his students.

_MG_2453-iloveimg-convertedDonors make it possible to continue putting teachers first and enabling them to provide the best education possible for their students.

“Through the donations I received from people all throughout the country, I was able to have my own voice in what types of products I wanted to bring in,” Mark said.“Without the generous donations from donors to, there is absolutely no way I’d be able to make this classroom what it is today.”

Please help us continue to put teachers first. Donate to the Annual Fund to give the gift of a well-stocked classroom.