#PackYourBag: Enlisting Community Partners

It Takes a Village to Adopt a Classroom

Classroom fundraising doesn’t have to be a one-person job, and getting the larger community involved is a great way to make a big difference! While reaching out to your family and friends is a smart first step, today we’ll explore how best to enlist help from broader community organizations.

Who could I partner with?

First, decide if you’ll be fundraising for your classroom in general or promoting something specific (like an event or project). Give yourself a concrete goal and then start thinking about all the organizations in which you’re already involved. How could you work together? Don’t be afraid to think big!

Who do I talk to?

After you’ve selected the organizations you’d like to approach, you need to find the most relevant contact there. Try your best to get the name and email address of a specific person (even better if you have a mutual friend or acquaintance you can name drop). Reaching out to someone personally instead of contacting a generic email address makes people much more likely to respond.

How do I get them involved?

Community organizations want to help; you just need to tell them why and how they should help you. To create a compelling pitch, find the overlapping interests or goals between your classroom and their organization. For example, if you’re pitching a local newspaper, show how your classroom fundraising campaign could tie into a story about art education for at-risk youth. People want to help your classroom. By tailoring your request to the person or place you’re pitching, you make it easy for them to lend a helping hand.

Finding local partners is a great way to magnify your fundraising efforts, highlight your students’ achievements, and inspire others to get involved. For other ways to get the most out of your classroom profile, browse other fundraising ideas and explore the rest of the teacher welcome guide.