#PackYourBag: The 3 Most Important Rules for Thanking Your Donors

This is the sixth chapter in the #PackYourBag series. With the six items in our “backpack,” we’re giving you tools to help fund your classroom. To read the first chapter, click here

We all know that saying “thank you” is the right thing to do. But do you know that it could also increase the chances that your supporters will continue to give to your classroom? One study found that 85% of donors said a thank you call would influence them to give again. All of those repeat donations could be a game-changer in your classroom.

So how do you say thank you the right way? Here, we’ll share the three basic rules for saying thank you, via The Osborne Group. Want to dig deeper? Check out our teacher fundraising guide.  

1. Say thank you within 48 hours.

We automatically send a thank-you email to donors, but it’s still important to thank them personally. Donors want to know that you received their gift and are excited to use it. Don’t be late on this, you don’t want them to think their support isn’t important to you.  Make your donors feel special—because they are!

2. For first time donors, call to say thank you or mail them classroom artwork (If you don’t have their phone number or mailing address, you can always ask us).

If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, it’s time to channel your inner Leslie Knope and send the most creative and genuine thank you notes you can think of. Even better, get your students involved!

3. Give a detailed impact report, including photos and stories, within six months.

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The best way to convince someone to give again is to show how important their first donation was to your students. Be really specific about how your supporter made a difference in your classroom.

After your initial thank-you email, make sure you reach out again every time you have classroom news. Did your supplies arrive? Send a short note. Are your students putting the new microscopes to good use? Upload a new photo to your classroom page.

Staying in touch makes asking for additional donations easier. Your donors are already excited about your classroom, so all you need to do is show them how they can lend another helping hand. A short email and a link to your classroom page could be all you need to find that next round of donations.

Every donation deserves to be celebrated! All your hard work has paid off. Once the dance party is over, you can find more resources for keeping the fundraising ball rolling with the AdoptAClassroom.org Teacher Fundraising guide. 

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