Welcome Devon!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Devon, our new Public Relations Intern!

Last May, Devon graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, where he received a degree in Writing Studies with an emphasis in Professional Writing. He hopes to use his degree to obtain a grant writing position for a nonprofit organization. Before joining AdoptAClassroom.org, Devon was an intern journalist for MUI Daily News where he wrote on topics of public relations and e-sports. Now that he’s working with AdoptAClassroom.org, he plans on writing articles that help get teachers the classroom funding they need.

To learn more about him, we asked Devon about his K-12 days:

Who was your favorite teacher?

One of my favorite teachers was my 12th grade creative writing teacher. She always had challenging writing activities that pushed us to be more creative. It was because of teachers like her that made me want to pursue a writing career.

What was your favorite school lunch?

Bosco Sticks. They’re just bread sticks filled with cheese, but they were the best.

What was your favorite school activity in elementary school?

In 1st grade we would occasionally go to the computer lab to play math and spelling PC games. Since I didn’t have a computer at home, I was always excited to use them in school. Having access to the school’s PCs helped me build computer literacy skills that are necessary in today’s society.  

What was your favorite activity during recess?

Playing tag. Running games helped keep me warm during those cold Minnesota recesses.

As a kid what were your favorite shows?

Reading Rainbow was my favorite show to watch in school. My 1st grade teacher would let us watch it every Monday morning. I would also make sure to watch CatDog and The Angry Beavers every day after school.